Tesla shocked everyone by removing the Standard Range (SR) RWD Model Y just merely 36 hours after reducing the price by $2,000. As of now, the only trim available for Model Y is the Long Rang (LR) AWD and Performance. However, those are $9,000 and $19,000 more respectively.

A lot of people are frustrated as they were about to pull the trigger and order the SR RWD Model Y as it was tremendous value for full premium interior which would give it premium audio, heated rear seats and more.

Word is spreading that this change is permanent and Telsa will not bring back the Standard Range RWD Model Y at least in its current form. There is a possibility they may bring it back with partial premium interior, similar to the Model 3 SR+, or actually bring the LR RWD to production

However, there is still a small window of opportunity to grab this unicorn, the SR RWD Model Y! I was one of those who missed out on putting an order for the SR RWD as I was waiting for the headlights update. I called into my closest Tesla showroom and inquired about any inventoried vehicle. My only request was blue exterior, white interior. Lo and behold, she found 6! I immediately asked her to secure it and I was able to lock it in after providing a $100 deposit.

Below is the confirmation email! The VIN is lower but at this point, it’s irrelevant. I would much rather have the car than to worry about heated steering, updated console or headlights.

Find your nearest Tesla shop and call them. You can find their number when you search Google Maps. The only problem is the the price reflects the original without the $2,000 price adjustment that happened on Thursday. I’ll sort that would with my sales associate (SA).

If this helped you, I would appreciate if you could let your SA know my referral code! http://ts.la/kingleung57297