I’ve imagined this day for close to a year. Ever since the pandemic, I was literally days from buying my original car the Subaru Outback. I already received quotes from several dealers and even had a customer loyalty discount of $500 from corporate office. However, covid through a curve ball and complicated things as I couldn’t go and test drive. As I started looking at the out the door price I received, I realized that the cost was close to and even surpassed $40,000. At this price point I figured why not go a little bit higher and get the model y. I then went into the rabbit hole of model y forums and Facebook groups.

Prior to this day I received notice that my model y was ready for delivery. However, Tesla notified me that new policy was all cars or to be home delivered. This gave me a bit concern as I wanted issues to be addressed when I inspect the car. They assured me that I could inspect the car and have a repaired even after home delivery. After a few back and forth I was able to request for delivery at the service center.

I arrived at the service center around 1:00 p.m. they weren’t a lot of cars on the lot as they were doing home deliveries. I immediately found my car as it was the only blue Tesla y on the lot with white interior. It also had a sign with my name on the dash. It’s so unfortunate that they moved to home deliveries as I think the experience is something to enjoy. I was so excited that all of the worries and of finding issues went out the door. I did have a checklist in hand but very soon I just want to get in and tinker with a car. I did find some really minor issues such as a tear in the headrest as well as a deep scratch inside the door which day solve right away. The headrest had to be scheduled as they didn’t have anything in stock. After maybe about 30 minutes of looking over the car I accepted delivery in my app and I was able to control the car.

I walked back in and completed the paperwork. Not a lot honestly. Despite the insistence through the Tesla account to pay in full prior to the service and the option to do wire transfer using Tesla’s Plaid service, I opted to pay via cashiers check which I got at my bank earlier. The cashiers check was in the amount of downpayment I wanted. Keep in mind Tesla has the $100 I put in from placing the order.

All your paperwork is found in the ‘Glovebox’ in your google account – https://www.tesla.com/teslaaccount including what loan agreement, if through Tesla, and any rebate paperwork. The temporary registration or permanent will be given to you depending on your state or country requirements.

Nothing can prepare for your this moment. You’ve watched numerous Youtube videos and if you managed to go through the pdf driver’s manual, more power to you. As this is my first Tesla, EVERYTHING was new. I did test drive the car 3 times so I knew the basic. One advise I would give is do not rush. Take your time in the parking lot and ensure all the settings are correct. Check basic things such as side and rear mirror. Check the seat and steering position to make sure you have all of the blind spots. Obviously, put away your phone after you add it to the car.

It was a bit nerve wracking but once I got on the road, I enjoyed the whole ride back. Excited to embark on this journey!