2/12 Update – another user on reddit /u/StopPre182 reported that they received their delivery yesterday and had the new console. The VIN is 123xxxx. They posted much better photos:

This means the new console is getting through production on MSM and Blue exterior as well as black and white interior.

The car did not come with new headlights or the door jam trims.


MY with new console spotted today!

Tesla Model Y Center console update alert! joeinsac from Tesla Motor Club visited his tesla showroom at Rocklin California earlier today and found a model Y with build date 2/9 vin 122778 with the new center console. The center console was first introduced in Model 3 and Y cars which were made in China. 

Tesla did not mention when these center console would arrive in the US but many were waiting in hopes of getting rid of the current console with piano black. 

Personally, I don’t have a strong preference between the new and old console and can go with either one. I’ve only seen in person the piano gloss console and it did seem functional. The sensitivity of the latch was a bit annoying when you pushed it too hard.  The new console seems more functional and changes the material to a more matte finish. There is a cubbie which slides and retracts, which may attract more dust.

Here is a clear video of the new console from China.

If you go to the tesla.cn/modely/design page, you can see the updated center console here. For the time being, only black interior is available.

On a sidenote, this specific car seems to have the old headlights. Seems it isn’t universal where a specific trim or vin is getting the updated features (heated steering, headlights, console.

Which is most important to you?